My Tuesday Times (7)

No, I’m not wrong with the title. I decided to switch posts because of yesterday’s special celebration. I also decided to maintain the title of the section that comes to you today, with a 24 hour delay, 😉

Here you’ve got the English version of the posts published here at Eve and Adam’s Daughters and Sons last week, my Tuesday Times section. Hope you like it and leave a comment, 😉

  • Entangled in the net with children… (35): the title of this section in Spanish is a pun between entangled/engaged/and in-the-(Inter)net. There you can find some of the most interesting readings I’ve found over the last days, mainly in blogs about pediatrics, health, cooperation, immigration and so on. This one was just published on Monday, but related to the readings of last week, so I will share with you here.
  • The week in tweets (6): Same idea as previous, but just to gather some of the tweets I’ve come across during last week.
  • Sumatra (3): extreme pediatrics: Third delivery of Nieve de Lucas’ experience after tsunami hit Sumatra in 2004.
  • Towards a generation of AIDS-free children in Africa: This post mainly gathers that I had the chance to listen to at the 30th anniversary of published cases of AIDS, specially those shared by Victorio Torres, a pediatrician that is changing epidemics in Maragua, Kenya, through a program based upon treatment of seropositive pregnant women, hospital delivery and safe infant formula-based feeding.
  • My Tuesday Times (6):  Last English version recap of posts published here the previous week…
  • 30 years of AIDS, chance to know Victorio Torres’ work: Health and Consum Department of the Basque Government was helding a meeting to share reflections and perspective after 30 years of the first published cases of AIDS. This post just gathers the information about that meeting.
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