My Tuesday Times (13)

Another seven days are gone. Here you’ve got the English version of the posts published here at Eve and Adam’s Daughters and Sons last week (a very prolific one, indeed), my Tuesday Times section. Hope you like it and leave a comment, 😉

  • Entangled in the net with children… (37): the title of this section in Spanish is a pun between entangled/engaged/and in-the-(Inter)net. There you can find some of the most interesting readings I’ve found over the last days, mainly in blogs about pediatrics, health, cooperation, immigration and so on. Though published just yesterday, it’s about readings last week, so I’ll include it here.
  • The week in tweets (10): Same idea as previous, but just to gather some of the tweets I’ve come across during last week.
  • Who is Aden?: Aden is just (?) another child whose life conditions are seriously threatened by drought, lack of water and food. Aden is unaware of luxuries we can reach (though sometimes don’t enjoy)
  • Voices are coming: Carmen Martin is a Spanish singer living in Germany. After knowing about #15M movement he has just decided to put music and lyrics to her feelings about it. This post is just the video with the result, an emotive song.
  • Support Fresneda Projectc: Fresneda is a Health facility in Asturias, the Northern part of Spain. The homonymous project is a community health project that has been recently questioned. This post gives you some information about the current situation and invites you to sign to support these kind of activities that take into account that health is not just a lack of disease.
  • My Tuesday Times (12):  Last English version recap of posts published here the previous week…
  • Congratulations, Madiba: July 18th is a meaningful day for me, and for many people around the World that still are giving some of their time (67+ minutes) in memory of the 67+ years of fight of Mandela (many them of them imprisoned): it’s Mandela’s birthday, it’s Mandela Day.
  • The Century of the Self – a police inside our head: Third of a series of documentals by BBC.
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