My Tuesday Times (15)

Another seven days are gone. Here you’ve got the English version of the posts published here at Eve and Adam’s Daughters and Sons last week, my Tuesday Times section. Hope you like it and leave a comment, 😉

  • The week in tweets (12): Some of the most interesting readings gathered from the tweets I’ve come across during last week.
  • Yellow beings… like the sun: Getting a confession of being a yellow one for one person is the fire to start reading Albert Espinosa’s The yellow world, where the author leads us through his experience from suffering from cancer between he was 14 and 24, and the lessons he learned about life through that experience.
  • Talk to me! Breastfeeding – a 3D experience: A blog post to remember we’ve been celebrating World Breastfeeding Week, this one dedicated to emphasize the need to communicate about it, and the triple challenge health workers must face: going on with our learning process, collaborating with the social agents around us and adapting our communications to the audience.
  • My Tuesday Times (14):  Last English version recap of posts published here the previous week…
  • Fires: Eduardo Galeano’s poem, telling us about different kinds of fires.
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