My Tuesday Times (29)

Another seven days are gone. Here you’ve got the English version of the posts published here at Eve and Adam’s Daughters and Sons last week, my Tuesday Times section. Hope you like it and leave a comment, 😉

  • Massive Symphony: a little gesture to change the world: Massive Symphony is just an idea, to take part in the world’s largest orchestra via your smartphone, as a symbol to make common dreams come true, just from a little gesture, the same that inspired some Twitter friends to dedicate this 11/11/11 to one of our fellow twitter-gal, just to change her mind about a meaningful date…
  • Is it possible to consume responsably?: An inphographic to show you some of the strategies that enterprises use to green wash their products? Are we aware about them, specially regarding those that affect directly to our children’s health? That was also the main topic of the last lecture I attended some months ago in Madrid.
  • My Tuesday Times (28): Last English version recap of posts published here the previous week…
  • Nothing surprises me anymore: Africa, politics to parcel it out and some thoughts in a musical format, accompanied by some hard but real pictures.
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