My Tuesday Times (39)

No, you’re not wrong reading this. It’s just the chaos around me that has got me delayed for 24 hours, so, after eight days this time, here you’ve got the English version of the posts published here at Eve and Adam’s Daughters and Sons last week, my Tuesday Times section (published on Wednesday…). Hope you like it and leave a comment, 😉

  • I’m asking for your vote: First phase of Merck pharma company’s contest is on its way. This post is just to remember the way to vote for the blog you consider should be the winner (through Facebook or Google identification). I remind you my compromise, my explicit intention to give all of the money I would get in case I won (3000 €) to those NGOs working in the Horn of Africa crisis.
  • Silly soup: Silly soup is used at least in Spanish to denote a way of living without any effort. Just a pun about SOPA (in Spanish, it could be both Stop Online Piracy Act and soup). So… who better than Mafalda to explain it to us? Same is true for ACTA or PIPA. Freedom in the net is at stake. You can read about it and sign for Avaaz’s petitions.
  • My Tuesday Times (38): Last English version of posts published here last week.
  • Our preterm babies, much more than cinema stars: Javier González de Dios is a friend at Pediatría basada en pruebas blog. They’ve shared a thrilling video to show the work they’re doing at their hospital with preterm babies. 12 minutes well worth, sure.
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