My Tuesday Times (48)

Another seven days have gone. Here you’ve got the English version of the posts published here at Eve and Adam’s Daughters and Sons last week, my Tuesday Times section. Hope you like it and leave a comment, 😉

  • A year ago (March 2011): Monthly summary of some of the posts published here in March, a year ago: children in the net, breastfeeding, a challenge about food, the poetry that helps us keeping on dreaming and going ahead, the ephemeris and its value and the revolution … through hugs.
  • Health 2.0 and its ability for influence, #salu20: It will be the tenth time several bloggers will gather an audience to talk about health 2.0. This time, in Bilbao, April the 26th, and speaking about the ability of the social web about health to deliver impact. I will be there along with Rafael Olalde and Mikel Rentería and Mentxu Mendieta from the Walk on Project. Enrolment period is open. You’ve got all the details in the post. Hope I’ll see you there.
  • Plenty of reasons: Economic crisis and labor reform expected to damage the working class’ rights, both oriented in the direction of the cut of resources, services and benefits specially for those that need them most, and the dismantling of the Welfare State. Do we need any more for a general strike?
  • My Tuesday Times (47): Last English version of posts published here last week.
  • World Days and chances for change: tuberculosis and water: Is it good for something to celebrate or remember the World Days? Last week, two of them were commemorated, among others, the World Water Day and World Tuberculosis Day. There are data and examples for hope…
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